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BigBoyTraks or BigBoy, is an hiphop musician and producer of hip hop music from Toledo, Ohio. He was born into music. His grandmother Ella Pickett was a gospel singer, and his father and mother were all part of the gospel group Gospel Ensembles. His father played the keyboard and, at times, the bass, and his mother was a lead vocalist. They released an album in 1998 called “Still Small Voice”.
BigBoy eventually latched on to music years later.He got his first break when he landed a track on Lil B’s mixtape “Red Flame Devil’s Edition” Mixtape, from there he landed three tracks on Lil B’s controversial album “I’m Gay”.
BigBoyTraks production style is a sample-based soulful style, although his creations branch out to southern dirty south, Rock, Alternative, Pop music also.[1] Since landing multiple placements with Lil B on multiple mixtapes and album which include, I’m Gay, God’s Father, GoldHouse, I forgive You”, he has managed to build a nice production list even though it’s with only one artist.
Outside of just hip hop arena he has landed multiple productions placements on TV shows, MTV, CBS, ABC, NBC, LIfetime Network A&E’s Manhunters, Parking Wars, TLC’s Four Weddings, NFL on Fox (2010–2011) and the TV show Carfellas and many  more.

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  • Will all tags be removed once I purchase a beat?

Yes. Once purchased you will receive download links with all tags removed from the beats.

  • Do you offer Free Beats?

We do for those who join our mailing list.

  • How often do you upload beats?

Every other weekend we try to, but it’s not always guaranteed.  It depends on our workload.

  • How do I give credit to the producer?

In all projects where any part of the BigBoyTraks instrumental is used, be sure to give credit in one of the following formats: “Produced by BigBoytraks or BigBoy”.

  • Do you make custom beats?

Yes we do. We normally do custom beats for $599 with a 50% deposit before getting started. We’ll continue to go back and forth with you until you’re completely satisfied with the beat. And of course you will have exclusive rights.

  • How do I become a featured artist?

Email us your finished product via Youtube (Video or Audio or Soundcloud) and we will give it a listen.

  • Are you looking for any producers to join?

Not at the moment but if you think you can bring some creativity to the table, please do shoot us an email at,

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